Welcome to my site, I am an artist living in Frome, Somerset, UK and this will hopefully become  an occasional repository for thoughts and general updates on my work…

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3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Mary McCarthy

    Saw your paintings yesterday at the Adam gallery…we thought they were serene & magical.
    They reminded me of a place called ‘Silent Pool’ which is off the A25 near Albury/Shere in Surrey..it you have never been there…I think you’d find it inspirational!.

    Best Wishes

    Mary McCarthy

    1. Cortina

      Cool I think I would have used the word cinematic to dibcrese these even if you hadn’t told me about the artist. My mind is trying so hard to make sense of these fragments. There’s something disturbing, maybe even violent at work here

  2. Emma


    I recently came to see your exhibition on Cork street and I found myself inspired by the utterly unique, mysterious and honestly quite magical paintings, particularly the smaller pictures of rivers and the larger colour and black and white painting of trees. I particularly love how the images made me feel – as if I were a child in a huge, exciting woodland. My friend Emily (who i believe messaged you the other day) and I are in fact planning to do some big paintings during the summer and were inspired by your work in London.

    Just thought I’d let you know 🙂



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